Expedition Leader, Naturalist, and Lecturer specializing in the Polar Regions 

Sarah Schwimmer

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Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands 

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Southeast Alaska

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I work as an expedition leader, guide, naturalist, and lecturer in incredible places around the world, including the Antarctic and the Arctic.


The polar regions are some of our planet's wildest and most vulnerable wilderness areas. My work facilitates meaningful, lifelong connections between people and these places, as well as a greater understanding of the vulnerability and value of high latitude regions.

I share my photos and stories on my Instagram account, The Vagabondist.

My travels have brought me to approximately 30 countries across 6 continents. I have worked on scientific research expeditions through the fjords of Patagonia, sailed to remote communities in the Northwest Passage, guided kayaking trips through the ice of Antarctica, and had close encounters with wild Alaskan brown bears.


My photographs have been printed in several magazines and books, including Seattle Met Magazine, Paddling Magazine, Organic Magazine and Ecothrifty, and used by the Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute, Perpetua Boutique, the University of Michigan, and more.


I am a Lendal paddle ambassador and was named one of Adventure Kayak Magazine's top 10 photographers to follow on Instagram in 2016.



Sarah Schwimmer

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