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"Among the scenes which are deeply impressed on my mind,
none exceed in sublimity the primeval forests undefaced by the hand of man...
Tierra del Fuego... no one can stand in these solitudes unmoved,
and not feel that there is more in man than the mere breath of his body."
-Charles Darwin

In 2013, I bought a plane ticket to Ushuaia, Argentina with the intention of exploring Patagonia. In Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, I walked down the docks and found a sailboat in need of crew for scientific research expeditions. I sailed on many voyages through the pristine uncharted waters and fjords of Chilean Patagonia, supporting marine biologists on research expeditions, film crews on conservation-themed projects, citizen science sampling for marine microplastics, and more. I climbed mountains, gazed upon magnificent glaciers, collected data from remote weather stations, drank a lot of mate tea, and fell in love with this wild, windswept place. 

Adventure Dog
El Chalten
El Chalten
Lago Viedma
Bandera Trees
Punta Arenas
Punta Arenas


Sarah Schwimmer
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