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Gear Review: Lendal's 4-Piece Paddles

Paddling with my 4-piece Storm in Antarctica. Photo (C) James Roberts

In 2018 I teamed up with Lendal North America and began kayaking with their 4-piece Storm paddle. In the past year, I have used the Storm to navigate through ice in Antarctica, play in surf in the Great Lakes and the North Atlantic, rock garden along the exposed coastlines of Iceland, and paddle through katabatic winds in the fjords of Southeast Alaska.

Photo (C) James Roberts

Through all these diverse conditions, I have been extremely satisfied with the performance of my 4-piece Storm, and recently decided to add the 4-piece Cadence X to my kit as well.

Haley paddling with my 4-piece Storm in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Photo (C) Mark Scriver

Lendal's paddles are constructed from lightweight and powerful aerospace foam and carbon fiber and throughout all the conditions I've experienced, I have found that their 4-piece design feels just as solid as a 1-piece while paddling. The interlocking design is simple and durable, and it makes travel much easier given how often I fly with my gear: the 4-piece paddles break down, easily fitting into my duffel bag or backpack, and add a mere 700 grams (1.5 lbs) to my luggage.

The Leverlok system serves as the joint in the middle of the shaft, allowing length extension and the ability to feather or detach the blade without tools. The design is durable and simple to use.

A Paddlok key is needed to lock and unlock the blades from the shafts. I keep an extra Paddlok key tied into my paddle bag, and I also travel with a set of metric hex keys in my repair toolkit, which will unlock the paddle if you lose track of your Paddlok key.

Haley taking the 4-piece out on a spectacular day at Canada's Anticosti Island. Photo (C) Sarah Schwimmer

Check out Lendal's website to read more about the materials and construction that distinguish their paddles from their competition. Some of my favorite features include the shaft's ergonomic grip and the fact that their design doesn't require drip rings. I also admire and appreciate the fact that the company is committed to producing their products within the USA.

If you've been looking for a 4-piece paddle, I strongly recommend you consider a Lendal.

Happy paddling!



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