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Southeast Alaska

"Storms and clouds from the Pacific crash into the towering mountains lining the coast. Icefields grow from their peaks, sending glacial fingers back down towards the sea.
Beneath the mountains, copious rains and year-round mists soak the land.
In the rains grow towering evergreens- enormous cedars, spruce, firs, and hemlocks- 
draped in a blanket of dripping moss."
-Erin McKittrick

I worked as an expedition leader & guide in Southeast Alaska for several years, from the far reaches of Glacier Bay National Park all the way down to Ketchikan. I enjoyed teaching guests about the fascinating temperate rainforest ecosystem, glaciology and ecological succession, and conservation in this unique region. My time in Alaska provided me with some of the most extraordinary wildlife encounters of my life, from close encounters with brown bears to kayaking with humpback whales.

Bald Eagle
Black Bear
Black Bear Cubs
Sea Otters
Harbor Seals
Brown Bears
Kayak Rangers
Glacier Calving
Glacier Calving


Sarah Schwimmer
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